31 January 2012

(2015)QUILT for an AIDS-free Generation

AIDS is a terrible disease that has been plaguing the world for decades.  Because there is no cure, the majority of people who contract the disease will ultimately die from it.  The only way to stop the spread of AIDS is to treat those who have it as best as possible and prevent them from spreading it to others.

That is where the organizations ONE and (RED) come in.  Both of these organizations are dedicated to stopping the spread of AIDS.  ONE and (RED) believe that by the year 2015, it will be possible to stop the spread of AIDS from mother to baby by providing treatment to HIV+ pregnant women.  This treatment costs just 40¢ per day!  Yet throughout the world, it is not available to those who need it most.

You can help show your support for an AIDS-free Generation and pledge your solidarity in helping to reach this goal by 2015.  The (2015)QUILT is a project which allows you to create a digital patch on a quilt, and join others around the world who are committed to eliminating the spread of AIDS.

Here is some information on the (2015)QUILT project:

We are so close.

In 1987, a quilt created by The Names Project Foundation covered the National Mall in Washington, D.C., memorializing those we lost to AIDS. Today, we stand at the threshold of another defining milestone in this fight: by 2015, we should be able to provide treatment to the millions more who need it, drastically reduce new infections, and virtually end the transmission of HIV from mothers to their babies. 1.4 million HIV+ pregnant women need access to treatment – treatment that only costs about 40 cents a day.

It can be done. But we need your help to get there.

Join millions of existing ONE and (RED) supporters. Add your panel to the (2015)QUILT. Make a pledge to do more and a thank you gift will come your way. Our friends, THE KILLERS have once again recorded a Christmas song for us— their 6th song for the cause. Add your pledge to the (2015)QUILT and receive one of (THE KILLERS) RED Christmas songs for free.

The beginning of the end of AIDS starts with you.
If you are on Klout and you'd like to make a pledge to help stop the spread of AIDS to newborns by 2015, ten people can join the (2015)QUILT perk using this link that I received to share.  If you aren't one of the first 10 people, or if you're not on Klout, you can still visit the (2015)QUILT project and make a patch yourself.  Then spread the word to others.  Education is the first step in achieving this goal.

FTC Disclaimer:  I am received information on this project through Klout Perks.  I was under no obligation to share my opinion; I did so for the benefit of my readers and because I believe this is an important cause.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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