01 January 2012


My resolutions for the new year:

1) Write every day (even if it's just a sentence!) of something that is not related to school.
2) Take a picture every day.  (Tried to do this last year, but failed after about 2 days.)
3) Blog at least once per week.  (Not necessarily just 52 times this year- but at least once every Sun-Sat week.)
4) Go to the gym twice a week during the semester.

Goals to achieve in 2012:

1) Move to France!  (Hopefully, I get accepted to the Assistant d'Anglais program and get to spend 7 months in 2012-13 living & teaching somewhere in France.)
2) Get my knee back to "normal".  (Now that marching band is over, I should be able to avoid aggravating it more, and focus only on rehabbing it.)
3) Earn some sort of Honors on my thesis!  (Because, putting in so much effort and not getting honors would just be a waste of time and a huge disappointment.)

Happy New Year, everyone!

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