20 January 2012

2012 in Pictures (2)

My first post in this series, Pictures (1), explains what this is all about.

January 10:  I went to check out Books-A-Million at the Cherry Hill Mall, and, in true Aliyah fashion, found a cupcake stand in the mall, too.  This was a chocolate-covered strawberry cupcake.  It looks pretty, and tasted pretty good!

January 11:  Does taking pictures specifically for the blog mean I'm cheating?  These are the books I got from the library this week, in preparation for Sunday's IMM.

January 12:  Again, with the 'is this cheating'?  A picture of the books I bought this week, in preparation for IMM.
January 13:  My mom and I went to see the Tintin movie.  We saw Tintin billboards when we were in Brussels over the summer, and wanted to see the movie- and we finally did!

January 14:  Women's basketball...games shouldn't get this close (OT).

January 15:  We ate brunch at Adelphia, and there were these fantastic cookie cups filled with chocolate and topped with M&Ms.  When I say fantastic, I mean fantastic.  This is coming from someone who doesn't really even like chocolate.

January 16:  Stocking up on items for the semester!

January 17:  I met Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler, authors of The Future of Us.

January 18:  I've been back for 3 days, and already my room is a huge mess!

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