02 February 2012

Freebie Sites #1: BzzAgent

I tried to do a series like this last year and I failed miserably at it after the second week (oops!), but I am going to attempt (again) to write a series of posts on websites that send out free products to consumers.  The sites are all different in their goals for sending out products, so it's important to learn about each site before deciding whether to join and participate.  I will highlight a different site each Thursday!

The first site that I'd like to highlight is BzzAgent.  You may recognize this name from a number of other posts on my blog.  I've been a member of BzzAgent for about a year and 9 months, and it's been fantastic!  Before I tell you about my experience as a BzzAgent, though, here is some information about what the company's purpose is.

BzzAgent is a Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing site.  What this means is that in exchange for providing free products, the recipient is then expected to spread the word about the product to family and friends.  You are not expected to provide a positive review- just an honest one, whether you liked the product or not.  Companies (such as L'Oreal, Maybelline, Dunkin' Donuts, and Orbit) hire BzzAgent to start this WOM marketing process for them.  BzzAgent works with the company to target a certain demographic whom they think are the prime users of the product.  Then, people who fit this demographic are offered a Campaign- meaning, they are given the opportunity to request a sample of the product as well as either coupons or samples to pass along to others who they think may be interested in trying out the product.  In exchange for this, BzzAgent asks that people report back how they spread "bzz" about the product.  On the website, you submit a report detailing who you talked to, what you said, and how they reacted.  It really is not much to do in exchange for receiving free products!  In addition to that, you can create bzz through Facebook, Twitter, and blogging.

My experience with BzzAgent has only been fantastic!  Over the past year and a half plus, I've participated in 17 campaigns, 6 of which have been online/digital products or services, and 11 of which have been for physical products.  Though it's certainly fun to get "real" items in the mail, the online campaings have been fun too!  I love talking about all the things I get for free and getting friends and family to try the products out with me.  Even after Campaigns have ended, I still find myself bzzing about certain products.  In particular, I still talk about the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm and the Amazon Kindle Keyboard that I got from BzzAgent!  (Check out my Kindle reviews here and here.)

If you love spreading the word about new products, then BzzAgent might be for you!  Check out the site for yourself!  If you join, make sure to fill out the surveys available to you.  Then, sit back and wait patiently (difficult, I know!) for a Campaign invite, which will be sent to you by e-mail.  hszIt could take months for this to happen, but trust me- it's worth the wait.)  If the product or service looks interesting to you, accept the Campaing offer and then get bzzing away!

Are you a member of BzzAgent?  What do you think of it?

FTC Disclaimer:  I am a member of BzzAgent.  However, I was not asked to write this post, and all opinions expressed are my own.

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