09 February 2012

Freebie Sites #2: ExpoTV

For my second post in this series, I want to highlight a site called ExpoTV.  This site is a little different than a lot of the "freebie sites" out there because it is not exculsively a site that gives away free things.  I've had a lot of fun participating in ExpoTV!  I'll talk a little bit about what the site is all about, and then why I've enjoyed it so much!

The slogan for ExpoTV is "Real People.  Authentic Opinions."  As a member of ExpoTV, you can create video reviews of products you use so you can share your opinion with other consumers and brands alike.  You can create a video review for any product you use.  For some products, you can earn points for submitting a video.  Sometimes, you earn points because a certain company wants video reviews made of their products.  Other times, there are not enough reviews available of a certain product, so ExpoTV offers extra points for submitting a review of these "most wanted" products.  The points can then be redeemed for a huge variety of items, from gift cards to electronics to appliances and more.  If you submit a review for a product that is not eligible for points, you are instead entered into a monthly sweepstakes for a prize (which changes each month).

I have to admit that for a long time after joining ExpoTV, I was wary of participating.  It seemed strange to me to make a video review of a product.  In addition, I really don't like public speaking, and it was difficult for me to record a cbohesive review when I so hated being on camera.  However, once I decided that it was worth putting up with my hatred for being on camera, I began to really enjoy participating in ExpoTV.  I now have a lot of fun talking about the products I use.  I also really trust reviews from other people that are posted on the site.  The points also add up very quickly if you submit those videos, and you can earn gift cards after only a couple of video submissions!

Maybe you're asking why I am including ExpoTV in a series about free things.  Well, ExpoTV also had a program called Tryology, where members can get sent products to sample and review.  Most of the time, these products have yet to be released to the public, so if you're lucky enough to get selected to participate in a Tryology program, you'll actually be one of the first people ever to sample the product!  You don't earn points for submitting your Tryology review, but you do get to keep all the products that are sent to you.  In my experience, they've always been full-sized product "samples".

I have participated in two Tryology programs so far- once for a Suave product, and once for Herbal Essences.  One of the products I decided not to use after receiving it, so my video review was about why I made that decision.  The other product I loved and have used practically every day since receiving it.  (Since I signed a confidentiality agreement before participating, I unfortunately can not say more about the products at the moment.)  The great thing about ExpoTV's Tryology program is that you can talk about your honest opinion of the product in your video.

If you have an outgoing personality and like to talk about products you use, I highly recommend participating in ExpoTV!  Whether you participate in Tryology or not, you can still earn great rewards with the points you earn!

If you're already a member of ExpoTV, let me know what you think of it!

FTC Disclaimer:  I am a member of ExpoTV.  I posted this review for the benefits of my site readers.  I was not asked to do so by ExpoTV, and I am receiving no compensation for this post.

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