04 February 2012

2012 in Pictures (3)

January 19:  On my way back to my dorm, I watched a hawk try and catch a squirrel (to eat).  Couldn't get my camera out in time to take a picture of that, but here is the hawk up in a tree.

January 20:  My desk calendar in lab!

January 21:  I got the first parking space in the lot!  Small victories...

January 22:  I made pound cake.  It was FANTASTIC.  And it cooked in a reasonable amount of time!

January 23:  SNOW!!!

January 24:  There was this cool icicle hanging out of a gutter on the overpass.

January 25:  The Brett Hall oven got even fancier with the addition of a light and a fan!

January 26:  I got a "top secret" package from ExpoTV with a new Herbal Essences product to sample.  I love it...but I still can't say what it is!

January 27:  My first package from Swaggable!  Did I mention that I love getting things for free?  ;-)

January 28:  Alumni day at pep band.  We filled up three rows of trumpets!

January 29:  A photo for an auction I listed on Listia...I needed more points to get some hair stuff (barrettes, hats, etc.) that I've been eying.

January 30:  I cooked myself a delicious dinner using the new and improved Brett kitchen.  I made spiced turkey tenderloins with spaghetti and spinach.  It was delicious!

January 31:  The BzzKits for two new Bzz Campaigns I'm in- Dunkin' Donuts and Ristorante Pizza.  (Blog posts are forthcoming for both of these.)

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