02 January 2011

What do you really want from life that you're not getting?

I came across this line in an article on - what else? - new years resolutions, and it really got me thinking about why I'm going to try to write a blog post every day this year.  There are a lot of other ways that I can write something every day; the real question is, why here?

One reason is that I can be held accountable here like I can't be if I am just writing in a journal.  On a blog, it's out there for the world to see if I give up on writing.  This is really the 'motivational' aspect of it all.  I know that writing every day is something that I want to do; this might actually make me do it.

If I write on a blog, it's out there.  There's no way to hide these words from the world once I've put them on the internet.  Maybe the publicity of this will stop me from being so withdrawn on certain issues.  The openness that comes with trusting other people with these words will hopefully help me outside of blogging, too.

So, what do I really want from life that I'm not getting?  Support from people that I think I deserve it from, and a reason to stop trying to deal with everything on my own. 

^ Just some musings for this second day of 2011... subsequent posts will be on more of a variety of topics besides my head.

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