13 January 2011

Everything's FREE if you just look!

A hobby of mine for a while has been free sample hunting.  Over the years I've gotten a lot of free things.  =)  The most common type of samples out there are little packets of shampoo, toothpaste, and other cosmetic items, and samples of food.  I started out free sample hunting because I really enjoy getting mail, and this was a fun way to get more.

Recently, I've gotten a couple of big ticket items for free, and realized how much free stuff is available on line if you just look.  From playing instant win games, I've gotten- for FREE- a grill and a digital camera!  While these aren't the kind of samples that are readily available every day, if you play the instant win games often enough, you can win, too!
My free grill (in the back) and a bunch of other samples.
Me and my free digital camera!
Companies make free samples available all the time, to increase exposure of their brand.  If you just look around, it's actually quite easy to find these samples and get them yourself!  Books, food, and even electronics can be yours for free, too!  Here are a few places to start looking yourself, if you are interested:

Good luck, and let me know what you get for FREE online!

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