06 January 2013

Dial Holiday Hand Soap

I was lucky enough to receive two of Dial's Holiday Hand Soaps for review.  These festive bottles combine Dial's delicious smelling antibacterial foaming hand soaps with fun holiday designs on the bottles.  There are four different bottle designs, and I received the candy cane and snowman ones.  There are also Santa and Christmas tree ("Holiday Scene") patterns available.  Even though the holidays are over, it's still winter and these soaps definitely add a festive flair to any bathroom.  They're fun to look at and they remind me of all the happiness this season brings.  I like having little touches of festiveness in my house year-round, and these soaps sure do bring that.  They are a lot more exciting than a boring bottle of hand soap with no pattern on the front!

The actual soap looks red in the bottle and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the soap smells like apples!  The scent is not overwhelming but it does smell a lot better than most foaming hand soaps.  I find that in general they have a more sour scent than many other types of soap.  If you can't stand any scented soaps (like my mom), then you might have a problem with these, but if you like something lightly scented, these soaps are perfect for you!

The one thing that I noticed was different about these soaps compared to other foaming hand soaps was that they recommend you pump the soap onto your hands while dry instead of wetting your hands first.  I didn't follow these instructions at first because it seemed strange, but the foam aspect of the soap deflates rather quickly if your hands are wet.

The four holiday soaps come in 7.5 oz bottles.

You can find out more about Dial at their website or Facebook page.

FTC Disclaimer:  I received free products from Purex Insiders in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way by Purex Insiders or my receipt of free products.

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