14 October 2011

Science students utilize critical thinking, too

Science students utilize critical thinking, too is an opinions letter that I submitted to my college's daily newspaper in response to an article earlier this week that contested that science majors don't use critical thinking skills- that only liberal arts majors do.  My piece is going to be published in today's paper!  I usually don't get irked enough about issues to write about them, but this article bothered me just enough that I decided to say something about it.  Besides the initial article itself, the specific quote from the article saying that only liberal arts majors use critical thinking was the paper's quote of the day!  Unbelievable...  As a student doing both a science major (molecular biology & biochemistry) and a liberal arts major (French lit), I really do see both sides of the playing field, so to speak, and I think it's fair that I voice my opinion on the subject. :)  PS- It's cool to be "officially" published!

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