18 May 2011

Freebie How-To: Free Product Coupons

In order to save money on shipping costs, some companies opt to send free product coupons instead of mailing an actual sample of their product.  Once the coupon comes in the mail, you simply take it to the store and 'buy' the product for free.

There are definitely some advantages to getting free product coupons, even though it takes a little bit more work to get your freebie.  The main advantage is that you will get a full-sized product for free instead of a sample-sized one!  Because many products are not available in travel sizes at major retailers, your coupon will be valid for a full-sized product.  Another advantage is that because most products are available in different varieties (ex, different scents or different flavors), you have more of a say in exactly what you get for free.  This in turn helps the brand, because you are able to pick out a product that you're interested in and that you might purchase in the future if you like the freebie.

It's really up to each individual brand whether they choose to send a coupon or a product sample.  As such, there are not many specific websites that I can list here where you can find free product coupons.  One website that does make free product coupons available, however, is Kraft First Taste.  If you sign up for this website, Kraft will occasionally make coupons available to get their newest products for free.  The only disadvantage is that you'll have to install a coupon printer to get these coupons as most of them are not available by mail.  Other companies will send coupons by mail- so if installing a coupon printer is not something you want to do, don't worry!

Other free product coupons may be available as prizes from instant win games.  You may also be able to get them by writing to companies whose products you (1) use often and love, or (2) have had a problem with.  The companies may send you coupons to either thank you for your comments or to appease you if you've had an issue with their product.

Here is a small list of some free product coupons I've gotten recently:

Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo or Styling Product
Pampers Kandoo bathroom wipes
Clairol Nice 'n Easy Color Blend Foam
ThermaCare Heat Wraps
any El Monterey frozen food product

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