13 June 2010


Dishes that I've made recently and enjoyed:

Ravioli Lasagna
(This is a dish I've been making for a while.  It's essentially the same thing as lasagna except using ravioli instead of lasagna noodles.  Doing this allows you to eliminate the ricotta cheese between the layers and just use mozzarella (and in this case, parmesan too).  It's just as gooey and delicious as a traditional lasagna.  You can use frozen or cooked ravioli; it takes about 50 minutes to cook if the pasta was frozen, and about 20 if it was cooked first- just long enough for the cheese to melt and start to brown.)

Peaches and Bananas in Cinnamon Chocolate Sauce
(Intended as a dessert; also works as a side dish.  This one was a big experiment on my part, since I just added things to the pot until it tasted good.  A little corn starch thickens the sauce, but the main ingredients in it are cocoa powder, confectioner's sugar, and cinnamon.  You can use whatever fruits you want- I just happened to have peaches and bananas handy when I made it.)

Meatloaf on Garlic Bread w/ Red Sauce
(This one I even got my cousin to eat, and she ate nearly half of the dish before my aunt got to try some. That never happens when she tries new foods!  The meat used here is just ground beef, which I seasoned and added BBQ sauce, ketchup, mustard, and a few other secret ingredients.  I added some bacon to the meatloaf, too, which adds an extra level of flavor to the dish.  Another secret to making this dish taste good is using regular garlic bread and topping it with your own shredded cheese instead of buying cheesy garlic bread- it's much gooier if you do it yourself!)

Tangy BBQ Sloppy Joes
(These started out as Tangy BBQ Sliders, but progressed in idea to Sloppy Joes by the end of Memorial Day Weekend.  A spicy BBQ sauce is the key component to this dish, as are grilled onions and sharp cheddar cheese.  Make sure to drain the meat and then add some extra BBQ sauce before plating.)


  1. I disagree.

    You don't go around posting foods you have cooked recently and include both
    a.) Friendly tips on how to make it such as, "[use] regular garlic bread and topping it with your own shredded cheese instead of buying cheesy garlic bread" AND
    b.) Blatant barriers designed to prevent others from cooking your food, such as, "[It had] a few other secret ingredients".

    You can do one or the other all you want, but doing both is just contradictory and wrong. it's like telling someone who is assembling a desk that they must "Attach part B to Part C with tool E" and never telling them what parts B and C are. In fact, to make my analogy even more apt, you tel them quite clearly, "I refuse to tell you what parts B and C are, and you may not even have tool E, whatever it is".

    You, madam, need to learn to pick one attitude and stick with it. Be Martha Stewart and give good recipes, or be Chef Hung Hyunh and be smug about being better than everyone else at cooking, but don't ever try to be both, or you're just a failure.

  2. chipotle powder, pepper, garlic salt; glazed with BBQ sauce and apricot jam.



  3. I love cake.


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