17 May 2013

Soft Scrub 4-in-1 Toilet Care ~ Review and Contest!

I received Soft Scrub 4-in-1 Toilet Care for review from Purex Insiders.  I love getting products to try from them because they are always new, innovative ways to do things around the home that already need to get done- in this case, clean the toilet.  Now, at my house, that's my dad's job anyway ;-) but he hates it, so anything to make it easier on him would be nice.

Unfortunately, I really did not like the scent of this product.  I love smelly things- lotions, soaps, room sprays, etc.- but the smell of this toilet cleaner was overwhelming.  I could smell it through the box when it was delivered to my house.  It was really strong, and I couldn't imagine having that smell in my bathroom for weeks on end.  Because of that, I was not able to test this product for what it is supposed to do- clean the toilet.

The scent, Alpine Fresh, was very floral and very sweet.  If that's a scent you like, then it would be worth trying this new Soft Scrub product.  If you're put off by strong scents, though, stay far, far away!  That's not to say that Soft Scrub as a brand only makes overly scented products.  This is the first item of theirs that I've not been able to use.  So even if you don't like this toilet cleanser, still try their other products out.  The quality is good and they always get the job done.

And now, the CONTEST...!

Enter to win $1000 or free Soft Scrub!  At this link you can also download coupons for $1 off a lot of Soft Scrub varieties!

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