08 March 2013

Review: Garnier Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil

I am always looking for new products to use on my hair.  It's a frizzy mess, whether it's dry and windy out in the winter or hot and humid in the summer.  If I don't put product in my hair, I look like I'm being attacked by some sort of monster the moment my hair is not sopping wet.  I was recently introduced to oil-based hair products when I tried an oil creme (from Dove).  The product is great but the problem that I have with creme-based hair products is that then they get all over your hands, and it feels like no matter how much you scrub them, the product never entirely comes off.  That's why I was very excited to be afforded the opportunity to try Garnier Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil.  It's in a spray bottle, which means I can just spritz it onto my hair and not worry about getting it all over my hands.  Just a few sprays and my hair is tamed and shiny for the day!  And it's not a heavy oil, so my curls still show.  I've used it on both wet and dry hair and it works great on both.  Most other hair products are a mess on dry hair because they don't absorb well, and instead are left looking clumpy or greasy.  Not this oil!

The one problem that I had with this product (and the reason I am giving it 4, not 5, stars) is the bottle design.  It's very wide right at the place you'd naturally grip it, so it is hard to hold while you're reaching behind your head to spray it.  Sometimes I find myself holding the bottle with two hands in order to not drop it, which, as you might imagine, is pretty awkward.  I'm tempted to move the remainder of my oil into a narrower spray bottle, to avoid that problem in the future.


The scent of this oil is nice- it reminds me of the summer with its coconut-esque smell.  It is a little stronger than I would normally choose for a hair product but since it's currently snowing outside and it's freezing cold, the reminder of warmer summer days is very welcome!

I have not used this on my face or body even though it's designed to be a triple use product.  I don't like feeling like I have any product on my face, so I generally don't use a moisturizer there unless my skin is really, really dry- plus, extra oil on my face is never a good thing!  I might try it on my legs though, the next time I need a body moisturizer, to see how it compares to the lotions I usually use.

If you have frizzy, uncontrollable hair, Garnier Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil is the product you've been waiting for!  Just pick up an empty spray bottle (usually about $1 in the travel section) to make it easier to use.

Disclaimer:  I received a free product for review from BzzAgent.  All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way by Bzz Agent, Garnier, or the fact that I received the product for free.

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